Hi! I'm Andrea,

an aerial photographer, digital creator and travel enthusiast from Sicily.

Shooting from above is an everyday routine,

always looking for new photo spots and perspectives.

I like to define myself as an “aerial minded” because in every place I go I imagine it seen from above, so I send my drone in the sky and start creating.

The beginning of everything was when I bought my first drone. I wasn’t very familiar with photography itself but I already liked working on photo editing. I realized that I had never really traveled to the nearby areas, so I started to go around Sicily and, trip by trip, the passion for aerial photography has grown more and more. I’m certainly very proud to be one of the first to show the island from a completely new point of view. 

Since I started to share my shoots so many people have began to see and get passionate about my land.  

This online store is a new starting point for me to make people appreciate my aerial views and my interpretation of them.

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